i want to watch skins, but that would mean i have to stop listening to marina sing… and i have photo books to make before my 50% off coupon expires and ugh. i’m putting in a 43 hour work week, not counting editing & book making & packaging times. kill me.

naps are so wonderful… now i have to go back to work. wah.

i just have to keep telling myself that this is the last day i have to work and then tomorrow i have the entire day off. except i have to go to adrian’s at 6 for a work meeting, but i can still sleeeeeeeep.

i need a new job so badly, one that pays more than a little above minimum wage. i’m sick of working 2 jobs, 7 days a week for a month straight and then begging for a day off when i start to crash and burn. i feel selfish for hating this, because i really do love both of my jobs… i just need a steadier income so i can support my family and then actually spend time with them.

i have to go in to work at 2 (aka 1:30ish, as my manager puts it because i’m always early) and it’s pointless because our next appointment isn’t even until 4:20. so i’m getting paid to sit on my butt for two hours, which is always nice, but i’m going to be so bored & hot & just aslkdjflfa.

i need to remember that i have my whole life to work. i want to go out and meet new people and have fun with my friends. i want to have something to look back on when i’m old and i’m not going to accomplish anything if i waste my youth working all the time.