Putting crystals in the window was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.

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My best friend > your best friend. 💖 so much love for this awesome girl.

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This cat loves me so much he gives me kitty kisses. 😻❤️😘

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Look at how he crosses his paws. I missed this damn cat so much. 🐈❤️

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Justin bought me a vintage kodak poster from 1910 for my birthday. :’)

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"You look really pretty. Well you always do, but you know. I love you."

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most nights justin and I don’t sleep in the same bed because I go to sleep so much earlier than he does and he doesn’t want to wake me when he goes to bed because he knows I have trouble sleeping. so imagine my surprise when he crawled into bed with me at about 6 o clock this morning. he pulled me closer to him and kissed my forehead and I woke up enough to tell him I love him and we had a funny exchange about my horrible morning breath. case in point, I got to sleep next to the man I love last night and I made myself sleep in today so I could do it for even longer.

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I had such a good day today. it started slow & lazy as all good days off should. I drank my coffee and had my cereal in bed and laid around reading blogs and checking social media. when justin got up to get ready for work, so did I to run errands for the day. I went thrifting & fell in love with a gorgeous side table only to realize I have no way of getting it out of the store and into the apartment. it was a good thrifting day though; I walked out with a hey diddle diddle mug, hangers so I can organize my closet lol, the book 14000 things to be happy about, and a new floral dress that I’m 100% in love with and am counting as one of my bday presents to myself because it was half off. I walked next door to dollar general to get mundane things like q-tips & shampoo and discovered $1 bags of confetti, which I might use for my birthday self portrait. I came home and made a grilled cheese for dinner & watched grey’s anatomy and cleaned up the kitchen. today has just been one of those really good days and I wanted to document it.

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Climbing into a warm bed straight after a shower before you’ve gotten a chance to get cold is THE GREATEST THING EVER.

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he still gives me butterflies, every time. beyond grateful for this stupid human being. 👫💋💕💏

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Communication is the key to everything. After the shitstorm that was the entirety of today, tonight has been really good. Fights are inevitable sometimes, but they make our relationship so much stronger. I’m in love with the world right now and I’m in love with justin so much that I can’t put it into words.

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pancakes for dinner is always a good decision.

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My #wcw today is @songbirdsweresinging or my darling Anna. Even though we don’t live as close as we used to, we are the best of friends. We fight, but that is because we love each other. I love you, Anna!

D’awwwww love you 💕

Nothing beats clean sheets on a freshly made bed & shaved legs. So excited to go to sleep tonight.

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Dishes done, floors swept & spot scrubbed, furniture dusted & moved. All that’s left is to tackle my mess of a room & put the dishes away. 👌

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