On Friday when I went to take pictures at the park I laid in grass and just looked at the trees and the sun was warm on my face and life was as awesome as it’s ever been.

Grateful for: chocolate for breakfast, having the best friends in the world, getting up early, and feeling creative.

I keep messages from favorite people in my inbox. My email inbox is full of emails from Justin, sweet blog readers, and my favorite high school teacher. My tumblr inbox has a few sweet messages from awesome girls I love to say that I know through the Internet. It’s so awesome to be able to go back and read through old messages that make my heart feel warm and fuzzy in a madhouse of gloomy October feelings. I’m super grateful for having sweet humans in my life.

Forgot we bought a shit ton of Halloween candy at the store last night and Justin just threw me a handful of caramel apple twizzlers and God damn it I love this man.

Justin’s little sister just knocked on the door. “Come outside,” she said. “I have something to show you.” Apparently last night Justin & his brother found a three week old kitten in the woods by work, and Justin told Cora to bring it here to cheer me up. (Spoiler alert: it worked.)

"The funny thing is that you two are so similar. I don’t mean that as a bad thing, because both of you get super offended when any comparisons are made between you. I mean to my heart, since we started becoming friends, you and him are so much alike."
“How do you mean?”
“You have similar mannerisms. You both make me laugh. But lately when I’m with Justin, I’m sad. And angry. And resentful. And spending time with you makes my heart soar, kind of like it did when I used to actually look forward to spending time with Justin. I don’t have enough courage to do the right thing here.”
“Of course you do. It’s all right there, in your heart.”

Getting a super sweet email from a blog reader makes my shitty day a little bit better. 💖

“Why are you suddenly so smiley?”
“Life’s too short not to be.”

Seriously, looking for magic in the every day is the best thing I have ever done. Makes me so grateful for my little life and everything and everyone that’s in it.

Took a long relaxing bath, shaved my legs, plucked my eyebrows, put on sexy underwear, and I feel like a goddess. 👑

gratitude is such a powerful thing.

Let’s be honest, if I posted about what I’m grateful for every day, coffee & red lipstick would make the list every time. Coffee for its powers of keeping me awake and keeping me from snapping at people at 4 AM. and red lipstick for the extreme confidence boost it always gives me.

So. Today I’m thankful for: eskimo kisses, naps, monistat (thx antibiotics!), and creativity. Hoping to finish up a few client things when I get home from work and then settle in for the home stretch of my blog redesign.

Seriously, thank god for coffee. And red lipstick. And naps.

Grateful for: coffee, taking naps on my coworkers, midnight phone calls to my best friend, red lipstick, Justin’s family, creativity.

I went thrifting today and bought this jacket. And found my first ugly sweater of the season. New work pants & a flannel shirt & a new coffee mug. Retail therapy is nice.

I went thrifting today and bought this jacket. And found my first ugly sweater of the season. New work pants & a flannel shirt & a new coffee mug. Retail therapy is nice.

whiskey shots alone in my room with candles burning and my journal and a good book. couldn’t ask for a better night. 👌

I bought new candles from dg. I organized all of my ugly sweaters. I dug out my fall lipsticks from the bottom of my makeup bag. I’m inspired to make fall decorations. I love September.