I drank my coffee outside this morning & the clouds were really pretty.

I’m so in love with this stupid boy. Go team us. (I love team us) 😘❤️

I’m so in love with this stupid boy. Go team us. (I love team us) 😘❤️

Whiskers is being such a snuggle bunny this morning. All he wants to do is sit in my lap. ❤️

Whiskers is being such a snuggle bunny this morning. All he wants to do is sit in my lap. ❤️

I am so down with lake adventures & cute picture taking, eating a picnic lunch down by the water and then dragging the blanket up into the woods we usually take pictures in to make out in the clearing. I have not stopped smiling since 2 o clock today.

Today has been SO GOOD. I woke up at 815 & made coffee, ate breakfast, checked blogs & social media… The usual morning routine. I started drafting my summer book report because I finally finished The Happiness Project last night and laid in bed with more coffee and started reading Eat, Pray, Love again. I had a bowl of cereal & a couple slices of watermelon for lunch. I did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. I took a shower and now I’m waiting for my hair to dry somewhat before I go take my walk around the block and come home to clean some more. Productive Saturdays are the best.

My boss called me and told me I have special permission to go sit on the roof of Hardee’s to watch the fireworks and take pictures if I want to after my shift on the 4th of July.

getting good messages from people i look up to creatively is awesome.

and i might have a new job taking pictures for a cat rescue project and coordinating their social media! (and hello i would get to play with cats all day HELL YEAH)

Getting really long Facebook messages from people I went to high school with and have worked on photo stuff with before is a really life changing thing. It’s awesome to know that people believe in me when I don’t so much believe in myself. Working on this whole life thing and figuring out how to chase my dreams and make them a reality is hard work but receiving messages like those is a vote of confidence that I am on the right path. I’m so grateful for all of the people I have surrounded myself with as of late.

ootd: crop top lovin’ on the blog

i feel like such an empowered babe wearing crop tops & shorts that don’t go down to my knees.

Getting up early kind of does have its perks. I’m sleepily sitting on the floor in my room waiting for my coffee to be done and justin just came in and kissed me good morning, asked me how I slept & told me how much he loves me before he goes to bed. :’)

I HAVE A CLEAN ROOM AGAIN. I wish I could say the same about my closet but still… !!!!!

Getting a response email back from my favourite bloggers when I basically fangirl over their blog and tell them how much I love it & how much it inspires me makes my heart soar.

i covered a shift at work this morning. i went on a two mile photo walk. i have blog posts scheduled for the next two days, dishes are soaking in the sink, and i’m trying to figure out if i want to make a breakfast burrito or a wrap for dinner. life is goooood.

making pancakes for dinner & watching moulin rouge. solid Saturday night.

Grateful for:
Forehead kisses
When he cleans the whole apartment while I’m at work
Air kisses
That first hug while making up after a fight
Whispered I love yous
When he comes to my room “just to check in”
Before bed snuggles
Goodnight kisses